Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear John

I may have a heart attack.

I didn't hate this book.

The story was contrived and plot driven, but it was an entertaining escape for a few hours. If I had a star system this might get three out of five. Probably because the main male character was reading a Stephen King book.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The World is Flat

plod, plod, plod.......

Yes, I am really not a fan of Non-fiction and I will give you the fact that there is some really interesting information about job outsourcing and how it helps our global economy and how the world is shrinking due to the access of global information and the Internet.
In reading this book, I learned that it might be better for my kids to become plumbers because no matter what you do that job will never be outsourced! I also learned that it is possible for me to not finish a book - I abandoned this one halfway through. While there was some very good anecdotal information, it wasn't enough to keep my attention. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying "don't read it" I am saying "if you aren't a fan of nonfiction, don't expect to be entertained." lots of folks have really enjoyed the book and the information it contains.
I just wasn't one of them.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lord of the Flies

I recently re-read The Lord of the Flies since my son Kyle had to read it for school. My husband marveled at how long it took me to finish thinking that I didn't like the book, but it was attributable to the fact that this book is so dense and full of character development and intriguing story that I couldn't skim it for enjoyment.
I remember from the first reading of the book wondering about some of the details of the plane crash and the families of the boys who were stranded on the island, but I realized reading it now that there was a good reason for leaving those details out of the story. The boys all leave behind their lives completely, acclimating to life and the new hierarchy that develops on the island. It is intriguing how that hierarchy develops and changes and the boys allow all of the conventional constraints of their lives to fall away embracing what they are left with - their most primal instincts.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Prayer for Owen Meany

Recently someone asked me to tell them about my all time favorite book. Well, here it is....
Owen Meany is an odd little boy with a wrecked voice. His family is dysfunctional squared, but he has a best friend whose family becomes more substantial in his life than his own. I have recommended this to anyone who has ever asked for a good read and only one person has not liked it (to tell you why would give it away). I love Owen, I love his life and his relationship with John. I have purchased at least 8 copies of this book and every time I loan it out I never get it back!
When we put our first house on the market and were 'staging' it to look kind of nice with very little furniture - I went to Salvation Army to find some cook books for the kitchen and found a worn copy of this book and left it behind for the new home owners!
They did try to make this into a movie, thanks be that they didn't stay close enough to the real book that they could use the name and ended up calling it "Simon Birch" a passable movie but the book could just never be matched.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Just Like You Only Prettier

Need a laugh? Here you go.
I simply can't get enough of Southern female humorist writing. Every time I read Celia Rivenbark's writing, I feel like I am with my aunts again listening in on their conversations.
While she does go on about how 'trendy' it is to be White Trash. I don't know a southerner who really wants to be called White Trash. We may laugh about it and even call ourselves, sisters, brothers, cousins best friend's mama white trash, but if you hint that you really think we are we'll cut you like a Thanksgiving Turkey. ;-)
I do appreciate folks who can find humor in life's inconsistencies.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's Just Not That Into You ****UPDATED****

I just finished He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Beherendt and Liz Tuccillo. Crazy right, since I am quite happily married, but what led me to the book was my in-laws. (brother & sisters)
As I read the first chapters I was tempted to just put it down and move on - something that I have really never been able to do with any book. Ever. This book is not a cure-all for dating, but rather a wake up call to those women in the world who can’t seem to see all of the red flags that don’t just sit there but jump up and down screaming “You deserve better!” I don’t care for the whole ‘self-help’ genre, but a little self-actualization can benefit everyone now and again. Nothing here is earth shattering, there is no information that you haven’t heard before, but as with many things sometimes hearing it again from a different voice helps a little.
There probably won’t be a time ever again when I offer advice to the in-laws on their love lives because they all seem to have reached a point where they think I don’t have a clue about what is really out there in the wonderful world of dating. But, as a last ditch plea to all of the people I care about who are still single - READ THIS STINKIN BOOK!
I won’t recommend it to anyone under 21 only because there are some pretty mature themes and language and lifestyle acceptances that are contradictory to my personal beliefs (premarital sex being the most prominant). Having said that, this book is a must for anyone who has ever felt like crap because of a crappy relationship or has sat up with a pint (Ben & Jerry’s of course) and a pal trying to pick apart what went wrong in their most recent relationship.
“Don’t waste the pretty!”

So, for any of my friends......I am so excited about the upcoming movie that I am looking for some friends to go see it together!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Movie update!

Well, last night I joined what felt like 159,000 tweens in the same theater to see the movie "Twilight".

I fully expected to hate the movie, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
I really thought that in the book, the Bella/Edward relationship was more of a romantic and sweet situation than the intense sexual tension and lust that was portrayed in the movie. Oh well, that is probably what will gather the non-readers into the twilight fold.

As I read, I will often try to picture what actor/actress would fit my imagination of the characters in a book. The girl who was cast as Bella was exactly who I imagined as I read the book - her father was perfect, as was Jacob. The rest of the cast were not quite what I imagined, but it was (regarding the casting) fine and the adaptation to the big screen was better than I imagined. CGI effects were kind of cheesy at times but passable, the acting was not always in keeping with the characters that were developed in the book. But I wonder if actors would be better served to read the book instead of carrying around the attitude that they are above reading the "banal" books that make them rich and famous once they are adapted to the big screen. It might make for more good transitions to movies.
My friend just posted on the experience with a totally different take and I really think it has merit and deserves some attention! The Bobby Pin